Where did Drones Come From

Technology that is found around the world continues to move forward. Some of the elements that are created from it change the way we view things forever from that point on. One of those inventions is the drone. The early ones were referred to as unmanned ariel vehicles (UAVs). 

A common question is what is the difference between a drone and a cruise missile. The difference is that a drone is able to be recovered after the mission. It is true that some of the drones can carry ammo and fire at a given target. 

Austria Attack on Venice 

The first recorded use of UAVs was in 1849 in Austria. They were used to attack Venice by balloons dropping down. Many of them did, but the Austrians didn’t account for the wind. Some of those balloons of explosives actually traveled back to Austria before they exploded upon impact. 

World War I 

In 1916, UAVs were used in World War I to carry weapons to various destinations. They were fast and they were referred to as aerial torpedoes. They weren’t used as often as people thought though. There were plenty of 8 

designs in the works for them through 1918. However, the United States government didn’t want to be too reliant on them during the war. 

World War II 

In 1935, a prototype was introduced to the US government by Reginald Denney. Approximately 15,000 of these drones were manufactured and used in World War II. By 1938, they were commonly used by both the US Navy and the US Air Force. 

Nuclear Testing 

In 1946, drones were used for a variety of types of nuclear testing. Explosions were created and different prototypes of drones were sent through the destruction to see how much damage would occur to them. It is believed that the Soviet Union also conducted such testing around the same time period. 

Vietnam War 

Beginning in 1959, drones were a just benefit in the Vietnam War. This continued into 1964. It is believed that only about 6 of the drones used in this war were able to be shot down by the enemy. 

United States Customs and Border Protection 9 

Since 2007, drones have been used by the US Customs and Border Protection. This is part of an effort to reduce illegal immigrants from crossing the border. It is also in place to assist with reduced the risk of drug trafficking events at the border. 

United States and Afghanistan 

They were used to fly unmanned over Afghanistan beginning in 2002. This was during the hunt for Osama bin Laden. The decision to use drones in such a manner was part of the updated security plans after the horrific terrorist attacks of 09/11/01. 

Emergency Response 

In 2005, it was requested for Drones to be sent to look for people who may need to be rescued after Hurricane Katrina. However, the FAA didn’t have such authorization in place yet. That was changed in 2006 and drones can be used for future emergency types of situations. 

This includes searching around for people that may be trapped or unable to reach a safe location after a natural disaster or after a vehicle accident. Many forest areas are too dense for airplanes to get close enough without a risk of a crash. The same is true in some mountain terrains. The use of drones to look for such individuals could save lives. 

There has been the suggestion to use drones to help with looking for people in avalanches or that got lost hiking. The difference is that drones 10 

can get there quickly and safely compared to the many precautions that have to be implemented before a search and rescue team can get to that location. 

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