Youcan Robot Underwater Drone 2with 4K UHD Camera and Remote Control


Youcan Robot Pro Underwater Drone with A 4K UHD Camera APP Complete Remote Control for Real Time Viewing 1080P (Tether of 100m Set)

BW Space Pro is a small underwater drone equipped with a SONY 4K high-definition 108° wide-angle camera.Underwater exploration enthusiasts now have theopportunity to understand the magic of the underwater world.

The drone collects 4K high-definition video and photos with real-time 1080P stream transmission. It allows robots to replace humans to complete underwater surveys,inspections, search, rescue, and more.


Through the motion algorithm, the machine can achieve ±45°tilt shooting and 360°free rotation.Automatically determined the depth at any depth in the water, hover precisely, and have greater flexibility to capture underwater wonders for you.

9000mAh large-capacity lithium battery, full electric drive, long battery life, can support 5 hours underwater work continuously, providing guarantee for long-term underwater exploration.

Youcan Robot Underwater Drone 3


Intelligent image anti-shake technology to eliminate shaking when shooting underwater, digital defogging technology to make the picture clearer,

1380*2 lumens LED light can be intelligently filled to emit light according to the intensity of underwater natural light, built-in 64G card can store about 4.6 hours of 4K video.

Equipped with SONY 4K fixed focus lens HD camera. Capture impressive 12MP photos with a 1/2.7″ CMOS sensor with a 108°viewing angle and F2.0 aperture

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The deepest dive is 100 meters. It supports remote control of mobile phones (iOS/Android) APPs. It can connect multiple people and multiple devices at the same time, share and watch multiple screens, and return the pictures in real time. Control mode + viewing mode, watch a wealth of underwater images together, and can replace humans to complete underwater survey, inspection, search, rescue, etc.

Youcan Robot Underwater Drone 3


Advanced WiFi base station with MIMO system, using multi-channel transmission technology to provide strong and stable signal. 5G maximum transmission rate of 433Mbp, low latency, clear and smooth picture, stable signal transmission.

Drone Diving Depths

The BW Space Pro is capable of going far beyond scuba depth. Its sturdy construction means that it can handle immense pressure, and travel to depths as low as 330 FT, allowing you to see a world you could not access before.

Vertical up and down Dives

Two built-in vertically oriented motors drive the machine to float and dive freely in the vertical direction.

360° Freely Rotate

Using multi-sensor algorithms, the drone can intelligently and automatically fix the depth at any depth in the water and can rotate freely 360° in the direction of the water surface with a maximum speed of 1.5 m/s.

Youcan Robot Underwater Drone 3

±45° Tilt Shooting

The motion control algorithm allows the machine to be tilted ±45° for greater flexibility to capture richer underwater images.

What do we get with the PACKAGING & ACCESSORIES:

  • BW Space Pro Underwater Drone with 4K Prime Camera
  • Remote Controller x 1,
  • 100m Tether x 1,
  • WiFi Repeater x 1,
  • Underwater Robot Charger x 1,
  • User Manual and Quick Start Guide x 1.


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