Professional 5G 8K GPS Camera Drone HD Dual Cameras



Professional 5G 8K GPS Work Drone HD Dual Camera Follow Me Selfie RC Quadcopter

Out of control return home, one-key return home, low power return home, over-distance return home, level 7 wind resistanceGPS optical flow positioning, brushless motor, 8k ESC camera, smart follow, gesture photo/video, working with a 5G image transmission, fixed-point surround, fixed-point hover, waypoint flight, speed control and has a Brushless motor, 8K pixel, equipped with a 75-degree camera that can be continuously adjusted by ESC

Professional 5G 8K GPS Camera Drone HD Dual Cameras

Self-stabilized electronic anti-shake pan/tilt

The drone is equipped with an 8K pixel ESC camera, an electronic self-stabilizing pan/tilt, and the camera is equipped with a self-stabilizing electronic anti-shake lens, which effectively reduces camera shake and jitter and improves image quality.

1000m flying distance

The flying distance of the drone is 1000 meters, and it can fly farther, so that you can enjoy the scenery thousands of miles away at home. Low speed is suitable for indoor flight, medium and high speed is suitable for outdoor or windy environment flight.

Professional 5G 8K GPS Camera Drone HD Dual Cameras
Dual cameras

GPS drones are equipped with dual cameras. The two cameras can be switched at will to clearly capture every detail, allowing you to simultaneously enjoy the different visual experience brought by the two viewing angles.

Powerful and durable motor

The drone uses 7.4V, full power, lower noise, innovative fuselage design, and fearless even in high winds.

GPS satellite positioning

Mini UAV adopts GPS satellite positioning technology. The aircraft can accurately return to the starting point no matter where it flies, and the operation is simple.

Main function

5G remote control frequency, GPS fixed-point flight, waypoint setting surround flight, one-key surround flight, trajectory flight, intelligent return home (one-key return home, out of control return home, low voltage return home), intelligent follow-up shooting, left and right hand switching, high-definition picture Transmission shooting, dual camera drone dual-cut optical flow flight, rechargeable remote control, ESC camera.

Professional 5G 8K GPS Camera Drone HD Dual Cameras

Professional 5G 8K GPS Camera Drone HD Dual Cameras