Explanation on How Drones Fly

How Do Drones Fly?

Drones depend on a number of parts working together in order to complete tasks under changing conditions. While gyroscopes and vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) capabilities make it easier to remotely control drones, GPS and LiDAR technology instill drones with a strong sense of direction. It takes all of these pieces to create a functioning drone that has the capacity to scan its surroundings while enduring a range of environments.

VTOL Drones

Many drones, typically multi-rotor drones, are considered Vertical Take-off and Landing (VTOL) drones due to their ability to take off, fly, hover and land in a vertical position.

GNSS for Drones

Found in numerous types of drones, dual Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) like GPS and GLONASS drones are able to operate in both non-satellite and satellite modes, providing enhanced connectivity during operation.

GNSS allows Return to Home safety technology to function on a drone and can be activated through the ground station’s remote controller. This allows pilots to be informed as to whether there are enough drone GNSS satellites available for the drone to be flown independently, the current location of the drone compared to the pilot and the “home point” for the drone to return to. In addition to being controllable through the controller, Return to Home can also be automatically activated once the battery is low or when loss of contact between the drone and the controller occurs

Gyroscopes in Drones

Gyroscopes consist of a wheel that can spin in any direction on its axis and are used in drones to measure the rate of rotation. Because a gyroscope focuses on the tilt of a drone, it becomes essential for providing stability. This way, drones can maintain their direction and deliver a smooth flying experience.

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