Drones and the Problems we May have with them

What Problems will drones create in 2020

While there are plenty of benefits and uses for drones, not everyone is happy with them. Many people have concerns about privacy being violated. They also have concerns about safety issues. 


There are those that feel drones are going to be reporting what they are taking part in back to the government. They don’t want their every move watched. They feel it is similar to having a surveillance camera on every corner. They do value their privacy and they don’t like it being taken from them. 

Some people think that drones just look unfriendly. They see them as a threat. One of the elements that many manufactures are working on is their attractiveness. They are hopeful that those opposed to them won’t mind so much if they are brighter colors or more visually appealing. However, there are those that argue it is the privacy issue and not appearance that they are upset about. 

Criminal Use of Drones 

Criminals always seem to be able to find a way to use devices to their benefit. There is the chance that they would use the drones in order to help them case homes or businesses that they planned to rob. 

However, the flip side of it is that with drones hovering around, crime rates may actually go down. Criminals look for a window of opportunity most of the time where there is little risk of getting caught. They look for easy targets such as people walking alone, not paying attention in parking lots, and homes that look dark and like no one is home. 

With drones all over, they would know that there is a very good chance that they will be caught in the act. There is no denying an act occurred when it is captured on video. Knowing this could be going on would be a strong deterrent for the average criminal. 

Personal Privacy Effects us all 

There are people that worry about small drones interfering with their personal privacy. This includes: 

 Taking a shower 

 Using the bathroom 

 Getting dress/undressed 

 Intimacy 

 Conversations 

 Work activities 


They have the impression that drones could be everywhere that they are and nothing they do can’t be seen by an undisclosed person or even the government. They want their privacy in their daily lives 


Drones are very lightweight due to the carbon fiber used to make them. If they happen to get into severe wind or they don’t respond to the fail safe, they could crash into a person, a vehicle, or even onto a busy highway. They could create some type of accident. 

Animals may be scared and harmed by drones. They may get spooked and run into a fence or other harmful element. With small drones, there is the risk that if they stop working and fall to the ground, animals may try to eat them and that can cause them health issues. What about those that end up in the water? They could cause problems if they were consumed by aquatic life. 


Depending on where you reside, you may be used to high levels of noise. However, others aren’t and they view it as a type of pollution. They also feel that their privacy has been invaded due to the noise. It can be hard for them to sleep well, to go about their daily activities, and businesses can find it is hard to communicate due to such noise.

While a single drone in an area isn’t going to be excessively noisy, people are concerned about the increased number of them over time. This is especially worrisome for those aware of the FAA changes for commercial use of drones in 2020. 

Crowded Airspace 

According to the FAA, there are already concerns with drones in the US due crowded airspace. There are fears that the addition of drones in the US in large numbers could further cause problems. They could result in flights being delayed, problems with detection of what is in the airspace, and more. 

Privacy Legislation for All Drones 

Many states are looking into privacy legislation relating to drones. They are doing this now in the event that the commercial use of drones is able to be opened up in the near future. Such privacy issues involve limiting how drones can be used. If they are used for criminal acts or invasion of privacy, very stiff penalties should be in place. 

They feel this would be a deterrent for individuals to use drones for their own personal gain or to violate laws that are already in place. The goal is to be able to offset such risks and issues before they would have the chance to begin. Many states also believe that by doing so, they can eliminate the fears of people that worry their privacy is going to be invaded and taken from them with the use of drones on a wider scale in society.

FAA Concerns 

Privacy is also one of the concerns of the FFA regarding drone use. They have authorized 78 certificates for commercial use. They have already had to increase their staff to take care of those licensing issues and to address safety concerns from citizens. 

The FAA is aware that many law enforcement entities in the US have purchased drone equipment. This includes the states of: 

 Alabama 

 Florida 

 Texas 

 Washington 

 Virginia 

These states are also addressing security issues as well as those complaints that the FAA has seen. They want their citizens to know they will be safe with the use of the drones in place. In fact, they enjoy the fact that they allow data to be collected in real time. Drones can be reviewed in terms of camera footage to gather information for crimes. 

Such information can be instrumental for law enforcement to cut down on the time they need to conduct an investigation. The photos can also give them documentation and evidence they otherwise would not have been

able to have in order to successfully prosecute someone for their role in a crime. 

The FAA says they have been cooperating with efforts by US states that want to use drones more for law enforcement. They have been doing so since 2010. However, they want security measures in place regarding who is going to be responsible for observing the drones and how they are used. The risk of that authority falling into the wrong hands is what the FAA wants to work to prevent. 

The Department of Homeland Security is now in that mix too. In fact, they are currently looking into offering grant money for those states with law enforcement that would like to buy drones but can’t afford it. Their mission is to keep citizens safe. This includes locally and on a National level from criminal and from terrorists. 

They hope that citizens would be willing to give up a small amount of personal privacy in order to live in a location where there is less crime, less drug activity, and less risk to everyone. Then society as a whole has the ability to focus and to function in a way that gives everyone the best quality of life available. 

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