Does our Military Use Drones in War and Training

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Plenty of examples of the military use of drones were covered in the history section. Yet it is important enough that it needs to be further addressed in its own chapter as well. 

It isn’t only the US that has used drones either, but many people that it is only part of their military defense system. Instead, the use has become a world wide effort and in some ways that is good and in others that is one more weapon that can be used against each other. 

Al Qaeda Spotting ans Spying 

Drones were used in 2002 against Al Qaeda in Yemen. In 2008, they were significantly used in the Bush Administration against Pakistan. They have continued to grow against the Al Qaeda in the numbers used and the locations used in the Obama Administration. 

The CIA is in charge of a great deal of the drone use against Al Qaeda. However, there is also a very elite group that is also using them significantly for military strategies and maneuvers. This includes the Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC). They have mainly relied on drone use in Yemen and Somalia.

The CIA, JSOC, and other military units compile what they refer to as the “kill list”. Meetings are held and the list has to be approved by the Pentagon. Once that has been done, the list has to be approved by members of the White House cabinet and the President. 

The National Counterterrorism Center often sends recommendations for who they feel should be added to that list. While this “kill list” is quite controversial, many experts believe it is a necessity. It is a way to keep people safe day after day. No one wants to allow a terrorist attack like we experienced on 09/11 to occur again. We either fight to eliminate those in charge of such terrorist acts or we give them the indication that they can continue in their plans. 

Israel Concerns 

Israel has concerns over Garza and Lebanon being able to send exploding drones. They already have arsenals of rockets that they can use against Tel Aviv. The Chief of Israel doesn’t like the idea of being in a position where they have to cope with numerous AUVs. They feel that they would be coming from both the South and the North. 

There have been two confirmed reports of drones in the airspace of Israel. One of the occurrences was in 2012 and the other was in 2013. They weren’t believed to have any explosives on them that were delivered though. Instead, it is believed they had cameras. 

The objective was to take photos of the various possible defenses that Israel offers. However, they were both shot down by jets owned by Israel.

Due to such concerns, Israel has vamped up their information on drone technology and they have the vehicles to use for combat themselves if necessary. 

Navy Dones – Ship to Ship

It can be hard to protect in the water, and that is what the navy is in place to offer. The use of drones can help to improve the security as they can be launched in areas quite a distance from the actual naval ships. 

Coast Guard Drones 

The US Coast Guard believes that the use of drones on a daily basis can help them to increase prosecutions by about 95%. However, they have strict restrictions and have to share drones with the Navy. Some of the projects in place though will allow them to use the drones up to 70% more than they are right now. The reason behind this is to get more security in place. Drugs are being pushed through the waters and the Coast Guard needs the drones to assist them with making drug busts and breaking down that illegal entity. 

Drones and the War on Terrorists 

Drones seem to a favorite weapon of the Obama administration in regards to the war on terrorists. They have been significantly involved in approved airstrikes both in Iraq and Afghanistan. An undisclosed analyst for the  

military states that up to 95% of direct target killings in these countries since 2011 have been conducted with the use of drones. 

Drone Data 

Some people worry that the use of drones in the military are going to replace the number of people that they employee. That isn’t really the case, but it can change the types of situations that the humans in the military operations are found in. For example, there are anywhere from 65,000 to 70,000 military personnel that work on compiling, interpreting, and using the data from drones. 

According to a review of military operations, it is believed up to 100,000 personnel need to be dedicated to this particular type of work. As the number drones in use increases, so will the number of people that they allocate to such tasks. 

These individuals aren’t out there in aircraft where they could be put into a potentially dangerous situation. Instead, the drones are placed into those locations unmanned. This allows the military personnel to be able to do their work but without being in that location where the drones are dispatched. 

Conflict of Drone War 

There are plenty of countries out there that don’t like the concept what is dubbed “drone war”. Some countries have been protesting it they are

showing a higher level of hate for the US than in the past. The Pakistan militia has a campaign in place that says the US is spying on them. They also report that the US is killing innocent civilians. 

A report compiled from the United Nations (UN) in 2010 also raised some concerns. Many allies of the US are hesitant to speak at all about the use of drones. They don’t want to get into a conflict about it. The conclusion is that there is a lack of good information about drone use in the military. It has made many people, and even leaders of various countries uneasy. 

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