Benefits of Drones and Camera Drones

What are the Main Benefits of Drones

There are quite a few advantages that drones offer. This is why they continue to be a big part of society for many realms. They may be a nuisance on some level and people do complain about the noise and privacy issues. However, what they offer is well beyond such complaints. 

Price of Drones across the board

Some will argue that drones are expensive, but not when you take a look at what they replace. The cost is far less than hiring more people to take care of certain jobs. The fact that it has also helped with catching various criminals means less drugs on the streets. 

Drones are faster and less expensive to build than aircrafts. Should they be damaged or destroyed, then there is going to be less money involved with them. The fact that drones can be made in sizes that meet the need allows for fuel savings to also be there. Since most are solar powered, that also reduces the fuel costs of operating aircrafts. 

Harder to Compromise 

An aircraft can be compromised, and that can put the humans on board at great risk. The aircraft that is compromised can also be used to cause harm 12 

to other people or to structures. Drones are very hard to compromise. The worst case scenario is that they get shot down and destroyed. However, the enemy isn’t able to capture them and use them for their own personal gain as they can with an aircraft. 


Drones are safer than sending men or women into various dangerous situations. That is why so much of their use has been through the different branches of the military. They can get into tighter areas too which means that there is more safety in terms of reducing the risk of an accident or an aircraft crash. 


Drones can replace the manpower of a large number of men and women. The savings can add up very quickly. Not only in terms of wages for those employees but also for transporting them, food, and lodging. 

Saves Lives 

Drones are unmanned, and when they are destroyed or shot down, there are no lives on them lost. The number of drones that were shot down in World War I and World War II was very low. However, the number of them shot at and destroyed over Afghanistan was extremely high. If they had carried any passengers, they likely would have died. 13 

There are plenty of high risk jobs out there that put firemen, policemen, and warriors in the line of danger. The use of drones has been proven in many situations to save lives by not having any humans in them. They have also saved lives by sending drones in to emergency situations. They can often get there before humans could. Time is often of the essence in such situations for survival. 

Reduces Errors 

There can be some sticky situations when it comes to war. The use of drones with weapons instead of men or women onboard with them can help to reduce errors. This includes releasing weapons too soon, without authorization, or over the wrong targeted location. 


Being able to test drones in different situations allows for better construction of other aircraft. It helps to identify safety concerns and problems that otherwise may not have been identified until a serious disaster had taken place. 


Due to the small size of some drones, secrecy that they are even in place can take place. This is important when there are military operations in place, when there are possible drug trafficking issues to verify and stop, or when there are possible theft actions taking place. 14 


Many men and women in the military suffer from PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder). This frequently is the result of being involved in combat. Many experts believe that by sending in drones to take part in what they call the “drone war” zones then they can reduce the effects on these military personnel. 

There is a huge difference between being involved in strategies that guide drones with weapons to certain areas and they know that people will be killed. This is quite different than them physically being in that location and them releasing weapons or firing guns at the enemy and being involved on such a personal level with killing them in order to protect the greater good of society. 

Hours of Operation 

There are only so many hours of flight time that humans can cover before they must take a break. Their bodies and their minds simply can’t continue to be alert and function without sleep. Drones can stay in the air and around their target area without such breaks being required. Since they are unmanned, they can stay in place for days, weeks, and even months or years if they have to. 

Improved Structure Inspections 15 

Routine inspections should take place for bridges, buildings, and they can be dangerous to complete. A bridge has high points and there is also the underneath of it to consider. Getting humans in those places safely takes time and it is expensive. The use of drones to review structures from all angles and to take photos is a great alternative. The work can be done in less time and with a great deal of accuracy. 

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