Are Drones Here to Stay

Do we consider that drones especially camera drones are here to stay 

While drones aren’t new, they continue to be modified and offering better and better technology. They are offered in very small sizes that can be virtually undetected all the way to those that are very large and missile like. Some of them feature cameras and others have explosives on them. 

The use of drones has been around for a very long time, both for surveillance and for military use. It is widely used in locations around the world for agricultural needs. The growth of it for protecting borders, for military operations, and for law enforcement is very encouraging. 

The biggest challenge right now that is creating quite a stir is the decision to allow commercial drone use. The FAA has been against it but Congress is mandating it for 2015. This doesn’t mean that they can be used anyway that people want though. The FAA is diligently working on testing sites so they can compile information. That data is going to be used to make rules and regulations that pertain to commercial drone use. 

The ability to purchase a drone and use it for hobbies including photography is appealing. There are several manufacturers that make them and they are more affordable than you might think. These are made with a specific audience in mind. One that would like the perks but not anything 44 

difficult to use or high cost. There are those that worry about drone use though. They have concerns about their safety and about their privacy. 

This is going to be an area where additional legislation is going to have to be incorporated. Individuals have the right to speak up about what their concerns are. However, they also have a responsibility to be educated and well informed on the topic of drone use. 

It does appear that drones are here to stay, and that they continue to offer plenty of advantages. They can be a money saving device. They can help in emergency situations to reduce the risk to firemen and policemen. They can also be launched quickly in emergency situations to try to aid survivors. 

While not everyone is a fan of drones, it seems that the consensus is that the benefits they offer far outweigh the risk of injuries, the risk of privacy invasion at times, and the risk of people using them for their own gain that is illegal. 

The FAA and other organizations including local governments are working hard to come up with laws that will hold people accountable with drones. Not only in terms of what they can and can’t do with them, but serious fines and even jail time for violating laws and privacy via the use of drones. 

Some communities are holding public forums and even have online resources. They are looking for feedback about drones and also offering information. They want to find out what people in their community feel about them being used. In some states and in some forms of commercial 45 

business, this will help them with making some huge decisions about using drones or not. They certainly don’t want to lose customers by doing so. 

The power to implement the manpower to monitor drone use and drone violations then becomes the next part of that. There has to be an entity in place that will oversee all of that. While the FAA wants to limit what can be done, they really don’t feel they have the manpower to be able to oversee all of it on such a large scale. They will have to find that balance as well work with other agencies that will have the power to oversee this as well. 

Drones have changed a great deal over time in terms of what they look like and what we can expect from them. The advances we see in technology continue to drive them forward. There are some issues with them such as models that don’t seem to have a good fail safe element to them. However, they can only continue to get better with time! 

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